In the name of God, Amen.   I Ann Starnes of South Carolina District of Laurens, being in perfect mind and memory, thanks be to God for his mercies.   Calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men and woman once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, that is to say.   First of all I recommend my body to be buried in a Christian like manner at the discretion of my Executors, nothing doubting, but at the general resurrection I shall revive it again through the merits of Jesus Christ, that gave it me.    An as for what worldly goods it hath pleased God to bless me with, I dispose of in the following manner that is to say.
To my son Aron Starnes I give and bequeath five shillings.  To my son Ebinezer Starnes, I give and bequeath the five shillings, and to my son John Starnes give and bequeath five shillings, and to my daughter Molley Murphey I give and bequeath five shillings, and to my daughter Ann Jones,  I give and bequeath five shillings, and to my daughter Rachel Hughs, I give and bequeath the sum of five shillings, and to my daughter Rebackey Sims, I give and bequeath the sum of five shillings.                                  
Item,  I then give and bequeath unto my son John Starnes, one sorrel horse, saddle, and bridle, one red brindle cow, and one feather bed and furniture.
Item,  as for the land I live on, if not sold before my decrease to be sold after my decrease and the money arising therefrom to be equally divided amongst my seven children.   And as for my wearing apparrel it is my desire that it may be equally divided between my four daughters,    who is to have one equal share to be given to them by the appraisors who shall be appointed to appraise my estate.  
Item,    as for my son John Starnes, who now lives with me and has some plantation tools which he shall be at liberty to prove.   I do by these present, my son Aron Starnes my sole Executor of this my last will and testament.    Revoking all other wills and Executors by me before made and only to be considered as my last will and testament.   This the Twenty Eight day of November,  One Thousand Eight Hundred.
Signed, sealed and published, pronounced and delivered by the said Ann Starnes as her last will and testament.  In presents of us: 
Rachel Anderson                                                    Ann  -  Starnes
       her                                                                          mark
Peggey X  Medleton
David Anderson
Recorded in Will Book C-I.   Page 4.   Proven Oct. 1, 1802.   Recorded date not available.   David Anderson Ordy,   Laurens District.       Original will not in files of Probate Judge.  
LAURENS & NEWBERRY COUNTIES, S.C.:  SALUDA and LITTLES RIVER SETTLEMENTS, 1749-1775, by Jesse Hogan Motes III and Margaret Peckham Motes, 1994, 2nd 1999.  Published by Southern Historical Press, Inc.  Greenville, SC.
[[This is a great book, it has maps of the rivers and branches and where each person lived.   There are several maps and the book really centers on the Motes families, but it lists so many land owners and who they bought it from or sold it to.  If you get a chance to look at it, there are many names in it. 
Deed    2 Feb 1796:   John Weeks and Benjamin Weeks, of Newberry County, to John Hughes, for L86, 200 acres in Laurens County on both sides of a branch of Little River called the Beaverdam.   Geginning on the south side of Beaverdam turning north and crossing the Beaverdam then W then S crossing the Beaverdam E to the beginning, bounding E by Patrick Cunningham;   N by Thomas Babb;    W by David Bailey;    S by Abel Boland.      Originally granted to William Wright   7 May 1767,   conveyed to Benjamin Heaton by lease and release  24 and 25 Nov 1769,  and left by will [see NewEst. box 356, pkg. 44] to John and Benjamin Weeks [in Newberry County].         Signed John Weeks,  Benjamin Weeks (X).
Witnessed by Robert Pasley, Jacob Miller.         Sworn by Robert Pasley 8 July 1797.    Zach. Bailey, J.P.   
Recorded 18 July 1797.    [LauDBk. F: 226].