Facts found in research

From Abstracts of Rev War Pension Files

George Hughe or George Hughey or George Hughe? Applied for pension 1834 in Spartanburg Dist. SC He was born in 1758 in Brunswick Co. VA & he lived in Rutherford Co. NC at enlistment. Afater war he lived in Union Dist, SC then on to Spartanburg Dist SC. Son named John.. George died in Spartanburg Dist. SC July 26. 1838.

Absolom Hughes Born Jul 13, 1755 St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent, VA Father John and Mother Annis

Absolom Hughes born 1755 and live in Charles City Co., VA in 1784 when he enlisted. and moved to Hanover VA in 1814 he applied from Barren Co. KY

Benjamin Hughes b 1763 Hanover Co., VA lived there at enl, after the rev lived in Bedford Co., VA for ‘some yrs’, he appl Jun 10 1833 from Campbell Co., VA where he had lived for 20 yrs. On Apr 1835, was living 60 miles from Nashville TN & had moved there because his wife’s father had moved there in 1837 sol was living in Smith Co. TN. Died June 24, 1838.

William Hughes, widow named Nancy. NC & VA They married in 1777. Soldier died June 17, 1833 and his widow died March 1854. Line a son named Benjamin Hughes made appl for family on Dec. 05, 1853 in Cleveland Co. NC Sons were Benjamin, Starlin & Young Hughes and Rebecca Blanton, The following were witnesses to the son’s aff’dt to wit. Burwell and Jackson Blanton, GB. Byers & Burrell Hamrick, the said Jackson Blanton made aff’dt 7 Mar 1854 & stated William & Nancy Hughes both died in Rutherford Co. NC, births that were legible were; Rebecca Hughes b. Oct. 6, 1789, Young Hughes, Jun 4, 1787, Nancy Hughes Aug 14, 1795 Burwell Blanton Nov 23, 1809, John Justice & Lewis Justice birth date illegible